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Pulverized Fuel-Fired Vertical Combustion Chamber (PFC)

The Pulverized Fuel-fired vertical combustion Chamber (PFC) is an electrically heated vertical combustion chamber with a multi-fuel burner (40 kW) and a K-TRON fuel feeder in its upper part. The exhaust gas outlet, located at the bottom of the PFC, is designed in the way enabling catalytic elements (used in SCR installations) testing and collecting the bottom ash for further analyses. The facility is also equipped with the control and data acquisition system.

Fields of research

  •  Co-firing biomass with coal, especially with its large share

  • Investigation on fuel additives (such as halloysite, kaolin, bentonite and others)

  • Impact of fuel finnes via fuel burnout (Burnout analysis)

  •  Corrosion investigation and lifetime evaluation of boiler heating surfaces

  • Investigation of flue gass emissions, including heavy metals

  • Research on the reduction of sulfur oxides

  • Research on primary methods of nitrogen oxides reduction (air and fuel gradation)

  • Study of the SCR method for reduction of nitrogen oxides using catalytic fills



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