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Other equipment

  • the mobile monitoring system KWANT (monitoring of dust/gas mixtures speed, concentration and flow);

  • High-Velocity Thermocouple (HVT) probe;

  • the Mobile CO and O2 Monitoring System;

  • the Acoustic Gas Temperature Measurement System (AGAM);

  • deposition probes for deposits formation rate determination;

  • the acid dew point measurement probe;

  • the set of stacking probes for measuring the speed and pressure of flue gas and air;

  • flue gas analysers (among other things: O2, SOx, NOx, CO2, NH and hydrocarbons measurements);

  • the kit for isokinetic sampling of pulverized material equipped with the heated cyclone;

  • the isokinetic fly ash type dust sampler P-10ZA.



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