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About us

Division of Boilers and Steam Generators, as one of the few country research centres, comprehensively deals with boiler technology issue, beginning with calculating and constructing, through assessing design or modernisation and ending with optimising operation procedures.


Division’ scope of work concerns, among other things, the modernisation concept aiming at efficiency and reliability equipment improvement, along with existing boilers adaptation to combustion especially low-quality fuels – agricultural and alternative fuels as well, towards the implementation of European environmental policy assumptions. That requires the constant development of corrosion or slagging and fouling prevention methods, together with harmful compounds emission reduction.


The experience gained during numerous tests and measurements, performed in existing industry facilities, allows of devices’ technical condition assessment along with their durability forecasting and, moreover,  issuing expertise on boilers and auxiliary equipment.

Division fields of research

  • developing of calculating and constructing methods for boiler and its auxiliary devices

  • existing boilers adaptation to fuel switching

  • fuel low-emission combustion along with catalytic and non-catalytic methods of flue gas denitrification

  • fuel chemical and physical properties modification in order to reduce the intensity of slagging, fouling and corrosion phenomena during combustion,

  • fuel gasification and torrefaction

  • determining fuel additives impact on reducing harmful compounds emission and on boiler operating parameters as well

  • optimisation of combustion parameters in order to obtain useful combustion by-products

  • fuel milling and drying processes parameters along with fuel grindability determination

  • reducing the risks associated with the erosion and corrosion of boiler equipment

  • research on regenerative rotary air heaters

  • modernisation of boiler devices in order to improve their efficiency and reliability

  • improvement of boiler start-up and operation

  • numerical modelling of thermal-flow processes occurring in boilers

  • issues connected with constructing and operating of supercritical steam generators

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